robust hosting services to ensure your website is lightning fast and stable

What is hosting?

Once a website is built, it needs to be stored on a server which holds all relevant information related to your website and serves it up to your users device when your website is requested. Some businesses may have their own servers, but these need to be maintained so most businesses rent a server. 

I provide hosting solutions that are managed to ensure your website can always be served up when requested and avoid 'down times'. 

Whats the cost?

Hosting can cost as little as a round of beers per month for a basic plan. Depending on your websites functionality, size and how many users you may have on your website at any one time, influences how much needs to be spent on your hosting, it is very much a custom fit for each use case. If you are a small local business then don't worry, hosting isn't going to break the bank! 

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