Reflect the quality of your business with a visual identity package that encapsulates your brand.

Be individual

Whether you are an established business or a start-up, your visual identity tells a story about who you are, what your brand represents and gives potential customers or clients an idea of what to expect from your brand.

It is important to ensure that your brand is unique in your field, whether you are a sandwich deli serving the local community or a world bank that has offices in every major city on the planet your visual identity and brand can be something that people identify with.

What is a visual Identity?

The term 'brand' is often used incorrectly by many as a way to describe logos, fonts and colours, icons, etc.  The correct term for these visual elements is a 'visual identity' and they are one aspect of your brand.

A brand is also made up of many tangible and intangible elements, from the way your copy is written, the people you employ, your businesses core goals and values all affect your brand.

What we want to achieve when designing a visual identity for your business is a unified visual appearance that carries through all your collateral, from your business cards, to work vehicles we aim to set guidelines that ensure everything that represents your business is consistent as well as visually appealing to your target audience and reflects the rest of your business.

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